Specialist Industrial Supplies all fired up about new FR range

Leading PPE store Specialist Industrial Supplies (SIS) has launched a new Flame Resistant (FR) range and click and collect functionality on their online store sisupplies.co.uk.

These are the latest additions to the ever-growing website, and with services such as embroidery, dynamic branding and hot press printing it’s clear that SIS is the PPE supplies business built by railway people, for railway people.

The FR range is varied and has been specifically chosen to cover all possible requirements while meeting all flame-resistant specifications. All products are made from fabrics that are inherently resistant to catching on fire. The range includes products from brands such as Pulsar and Bizweld.

The added click and collect functionality allows customers to collect their orders directly from the SIS headquarters and store in Glasgow. This is another facility aimed at providing customers with a simple way of purchasing essential PPE items with a quick delivery turnaround at competitive prices.

“We know that providing the right services and products at the right prices with a personal service will go a long way. During these uncertain times, working with and supporting each other to provide such a specific, dedicated, and personal service has never been more important,” says Linda Strang, SIS branch manager.

“We want www.sisupplies.co.uk to be a quick and simple solution for everyone and, if they like what we do and the service we provide, they can then work with a team that truly understands the niche nature of the rail industry and what companies need on a longer-term basis. As part of the railway family it is vital we do all we can to keep workers safe.”