MSA – MSA Safety V-Gard 520 White Peakless Helmet


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Working at height or in confined spaces is challenging. To ensure your workforce wears their safety helmets and that they stay comfortably on the head through the day MSA developed the V-Gard 520 helmet. This modern hard hat is designed without peak so that unrestricted upward vision is guaranteed. New suspensions and optional chinstraps give stable retention on the head even when leaning.

The V-Gard 930 is balanced, low profile with premium eye protection. Integrated over spectacle fits over all corrective glasses by sliding the suspension, and offer premium anti-fog and anti-scratch. It has intelligent adjustment and innovative rubber seal to ensure gap free eye protection on the face. It has a grip area with rail system for quick and easy lens stowing and it is replaceable over spectacles without any tool.