Beeswift Centurion Sana Safety Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders Snr 25 Black


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  • • Sana Ear Defenders offer a wide range of attenuation levels, from 25dB to 34dB, to suit the majority of industrial environments, providing protection against light industry noise through to extremely high noise levels.
    • The Sana range was developed to provide superior performance and enhanced comfort and fit as well as being fully compatible with Centurion’s safety helmets and face protection.

    • Stylish cup design in matt Black with gloss features
    • Colour coded ring and front printing for easy identification and selection of the correct attenuation level
    • Easy to adjust steel arms for quick personalised fit
    • Compatible with the full range of Centurion safety helmets and face protection (supplied with Euro & connect clips)
    • Soft wide cushions for maximum comfort
    • The Sana ear defender range is also available as headband mounted versions
    • H=33dB,M=23dB,L=14dB
    • SNR 25dB

    • Not compatible with CNS17-1125 Reduced peak helmet, CNS570 connect clips are required (Sold separately)