Beeswift Msa V-gard Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders Snr28 Green



  • For industrial workers, the V-Gard® Helmet-Mounted Hearing Protection Line delivers enhanced comfort and top-of-the-line performance with upgrades in fit and style—all without compromising the quality expected from the legendary V-Gard brand.

    • Passive helmet mounted ear defenders
    • Low Attenuation, SNR 28 dB
    • Green colour coding for easy identification
    • Available in 2 other levels of attenuations, MSA10190357 SNR 32 dB and MSA1090358 SNR 36 dB
    • Work with MSA V-Gard slotted Industrial helmets and MSA V-Gard visors & frames
    • Matte material for cup and ear pads decreases look of wear and tear
    • Includes the next generation “V” design from the Iconic V-Gard
    • Foam injected ear pads cushion for soft points of contact
    • Custom MSA sealing rings for optimal comfort & SNR performance
    • Upgraded fork design for sleek look and modernized feel
    • Improved sealing ring and adapters optimize pressure on the ears for all day comfort
    • Recessed interior foam doesn’t touch user’s ear while in use
    • Vertical adjustment for custom fit
    • Parking position to easily stow the earmuffs when not in use
    • Conforms to EN352-3:2002 Hearing protectors. Safety requirements and testing. Ear-muffs attached to an industrial safety helmet
    Certified by INERIS to EN ISO 80079-36 : 2016 & CEI/TS 60079-32-1 : 2017 for
    safe use in ATEX areas (ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS Certificate n° 29406)
    • Dust: zones 20, 21, 22 (all zones)
    • Gas: zones 1 & 2 with gas group IIA (Propane)