HW1013206 Honeywell Superone 3206 FFP2


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Economic, Simple and effective.

• Unique design and shape: limited number of references.
• Pre-formed shell: rigid half-mask: the mask shape is maintained throughout use, for increased comfort.
• Internal volume: facilitated communication, no pressure on the face for increased comfort.
• Inner layer, ultra-light and ultra-soft: soft and pleasant touch to the skin to avoid irritation and increase comfort, easy breathing for greater acceptance over time.
• Upper preformed section near the nasal outline: quick and easy adjustment, highly effective and safe, fits all faces.
• Moving nasal element: compatible with goggles, excellent field of vision.
• High-performance exhalation valve: low exhalation resistance, mask inside cooler for enhanced comfort and acceptance over time.
• Protected valve membrane on the front: minimal risk of damage and leakage for increased safety.

•NR = Non reusable – ••D = tested using Dolomite